“Very” The best of Tim Holehouse

best of Album sleeve

best of Album sleeve

“Very” Tim Holehouse

So its come to end of another chapter of my career in music and to mark this Aaahh!!! Real Records (UK and Europe), Pink Lemonade (Canada) and TPOS (USA and Mexico) are teaming up to bring you “Very” The best of the Alphabet series so far! Spanning from “Grit” releases in 2010 to “Lost” in 2020. From the Mutant delta blues that defined the early part years as I toured round the world, moving then into my experimental territory especially after I decided to dissolve the TCH (Timothy C Holehouse) project in 2014 and take elements of that into putting all my writing under one umbrella using my own name “Tim Holehouse”. This even included with the last record in 2020 experimenting with composing with Midi and electronic music in the Trip Hop album “Lost”.  Containing live favourites such as “Broken Bones”, “Gainesville City Limits” and “Freud” to name but a few song of my genre spanning musical output so far.

14 tracks one from each album (plus 3 bonus download tracks from the covers and two live albums).

Released on 4th March 2022

Available on Colours 12″ LP and Digital platforms.

Links to Labels

Aaahh!!! Real Records (UK and Europe)

Pink Lemonade (Canada)

TPOS (USA and Mexico)

This is not the end of course way more to come from me, but a lovely way to close another chapter.