2022 a year in review!!! This year has felt to me like an end of another chapter of my career so far. The release of “Very” my best of LP certainly made it feel like I was ending another chapter and onto a new chapter in 2023 is waiting for me. Even my live shows have shown that with me doing half old and new songs a lot of the shows. Moving the new songs in a less blues based material (although that will always have a place in my heart and will probably appear from time to time in live sets… yeah I know you all love Broken Bones ha ha). But it’s been fun to mix new and old up on the road this year. 

So I released “Very” which has been my main focus on the releases front, but a couple live tracks did appear on 4- way split “Last february” recorded live on tour with Lee Resistant, Sourface and Scott Murray.  

Lots of new material is waiting to be released not only by the amazing Aaahh!!! Real Records who I have worked with for years now and can’t thank Ian enough for the faith he has shown in my musical output. But “Very” also saw me work with TPOS again who’s Malcolm Tent has helped me with a few minor releases in the states before. But also saw Pink lemonade from Canada join us. I recorded “Year”  in Antwerp by the wonderful Tim Van Doorn at his amazing Big dog studios. This album will be out fully January 2024 (but watch this space as you will find out more throughout 2023). Also 3 other albums are nearing completion and heading for releases. 

I have  back up to my usual levels of crazy tour with 190 shows in the bag! It’s been nice to get back to being able to tour as much as I have after a couple years where things like that have been limited. I crossed the pond not once, but twice Touring in The US and Canada. I got back to mainland Europe too a few of times.  3 months of those touring dates where with one my favourite performers (and people) Greg Rekus. A big shout out though to all my tour mates this year Naomi Randall, Craig John Davidson, Tim Loud, Sourface, Harrison Rimmer, James Bar Bowen, Malcolm Tent, Brightr, Ghostwrite, Swamp Rats and although wasn’t a real tour (which hope happens some time) Condition Oakland and Sweet Anne Marie. I’ve also had to say goodbye to the silver machine this year (thanks again Bosko Green for all your help my friend). The new Bat-mobile had some teething troubles too (luckily James Bar Bowen speaks better Deutsche than me) and hit by a scam booking agent too (thanks everybody again who helped me out that pickle). which lead to nearly 3 weeks on the greyhounds. But it’s been great to be back out on the road again and see everybody. 

And I also had time some how to finish off the Gareth James album, record and co-produce The Sourface EP and start the new Martin Howard album at Fireplace studios. 

So thanks to all my of you who helped me along this year if you come to a show, one my patrons, bought merch, put me up, put me on a show and anybody who has taken the time to listen to my music (keep doing that and sharing it with your friends please!). special thanks to Yann, Mental boy, Branden, Tony and all the fest crew, Dan, Jennie and all the Rebellion crew, Stefano (revolver concerti), Dan (carpe diem music), Derrick and all the Make that a take crew and so many more of you who made this all possible for me to have a most excellent year again!

Onto 2023 watch this space cause loads of most Excellent news… 

On @aaahh_rr a 4-Way split CD… yes I’ve snuck another split out! This one is a neat 4- way split.

Recorded Live in Snowy Ontario in February 2022. Features 3 live tracks from me. 2 tracks each from Lee Resistant (Ex Fletcher), Scott Murray (High Dives) and Sourface (Bad Egg and Gifted Kid). Super Limited to 100 copies on CD get them while they are hot!



best of Album sleeve

best of Album sleeve

“Very” Tim Holehouse

So its come to end of another chapter of my career in music and to mark this Aaahh!!! Real Records (UK and Europe), Pink Lemonade (Canada) and TPOS (USA and Mexico) are teaming up to bring you “Very” The best of the Alphabet series so far! Spanning from “Grit” releases in 2010 to “Lost” in 2020. From the Mutant delta blues that defined the early part years as I toured round the world, moving then into my experimental territory especially after I decided to dissolve the TCH (Timothy C Holehouse) project in 2014 and take elements of that into putting all my writing under one umbrella using my own name “Tim Holehouse”. This even included with the last record in 2020 experimenting with composing with Midi and electronic music in the Trip Hop album “Lost”.  Containing live favourites such as “Broken Bones”, “Gainesville City Limits” and “Freud” to name but a few song of my genre spanning musical output so far.

14 tracks one from each album (plus 3 bonus download tracks from the covers and two live albums).

Released on 4th March 2022

Available on Colours 12″ LP and Digital platforms.

Links to Labels

Aaahh!!! Real Records (UK and Europe)

Pink Lemonade (Canada)

TPOS (USA and Mexico)

This is not the end of course way more to come from me, but a lovely way to close another chapter.

Back on the Road 2021 tour documentary

2021 round up

So I’m going to try and keep it brief I have done a documentary about the year on my YouTube Channel 


So I did less livestreams like most I got a bit fed up with them and so stopped for a while after my last  one in Mid March (I did a couple later in the year after a break). In Mid May live shows returned tentative at first with my first full show being at my friend Mike’s Escape Bar in Shepherd’s Bush. After that a few weekend runs of shows into the summer. Did my first full tour for a long time in August. Also had the honour of playing Rebellion Festival for the 3rd time and Muddy Roots Europe for the first time. Got to tour with awesome tour mates AJ Simmonds, Harrison Rimmer (with Bonus Dave on Cajion) and James Bar Bowen.  Also got to tour overseas with a fantastic tour in the US and the first time touring as a duo with Keiran O’Malley in Italy. In total I managed 77 shows.  Thank you to all those who made this possible. 

I also released a rarities album called “?” 


As well as a split tape with my friend Brightr on Aaahh!!! Real Records and is the first of a bunch split tape series with me on the label. Thanks again Ian you are amazing! 


Also check our the amazing video my friends Dan and Jake made for the lead track “Brightr days” 


I did also record another album that will be out in due to time. Sadly halted due to the sad loss of my friend and ace producer John Hannon. 

Also lost former Tour mate Kaleb Stewart and former drummer Tom Mackay. I miss them all so much and can’t thank them all how helped me and my music over the years. 

I also continued with Patreon releasing 6 album demos, a Christmas album, tour documentaries and a whole bunch of exclusive patreon only material. Thanks again to my Patreons new and old for their support seriously means so much to me! 



Thanks to all you who have supported me and my music over the last year in whatever way. You are most excellent Human beings! 

Onto 2022 and I shall write more about that in 2022! 

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What a busy month I have coming up!  Lots of  shows the next being the amazing Till the wheels fest which is such an amazing line up so very honoured to be playing. 

I’ve also got a tour with the wonderful Harrison Rimmer caught before he’s massively famous!  Thanks to Laurence Crow for the fantastic tour poster too! 

Also my split tape with Brightr is out on Aaahh!!! Real Records 15th October 

New Music video 

New Music video here!!!

Upcoming shows 

9th October@ Till the wheels Fest, London 

10th October@ Sunday Express, Centrala, Birmingham 

16th October@ Water into Beer, London (Brightr split tape launch)

17th October@ Honey bee blues club, Dorthy pax, Sheffield 

18th October@ The Vault at Pau, Preston 

19th October@ The Service Station, Kingston-upon-Hull =

20th October@ Dirty Blondes, Blackpool 

21st October @ Artisan Coffee design, Skegness =

22nd @ Grafton Arms, Manchester =

23rd October@ One for the road Fest, York 

 = With Harrison Rimmer

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As Jon says “Hottest Sauce he’s made yet” has very hot Carolina Reapers in it as well as a delicious garlic flavouring for all you brave Vampires out there. Available exclusively here on my website and at shows (of which all my current shows up to July are now up still taking bookings and offers though)

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✨New album ✨


Out 7th May

My new album came about in the most unusual way. Over the years I’ve released many albums, splits etc. 

Album of Rarities and lost tracks

Album of Rarities and lost tracks

I write all the time, and a lot of stuff hey gets thrown away. But some stuff gets recorded but doesn’t make its way onto albums. Sometimes they make it onto compilation albums, sometimes intended for releases that for whatever reason don’t happen. Over the years my Parents have stashed away all my CD’s and hard drives etc in a box without me knowing. Last year my Dad put that treasure trove in my car. Ian at Aaahh!!! Real records then helped me go through it to create what we have now an album of 16 rare or unreleased songs. We have burnt 25 copies onto vinyl style Cd’s and Ian has die cut some lovely sleeves and printed a booklet with the story of each song all compiled together to bring you this album. It includes the a lost 7”, compilation tracks and stuff that had been lost in the mists of time. I must also been a trip down memory lane revisiting all these songs.  

Available. on 25 limited edition Vinyl style CD’s and digital platforms 

Available for pre order from…

Aaahh!!! Real Records

And available from Friday 7th May here