, 2022, TPOS Records, TPOS236

  1. All Hallow’s Eve (from Antidote)
  2. Frank (from Bar)
  3. Numbers Game (from Come)
  4. Woman Got Evil (from Down)
  5. Even [Acoustic] (from Even)
  6. Judy (from Fighter)
  7. Broken Bones (from Grit)
  8. Spirit [Edit] (from Hail)
  9. Broke-Ass Blues (from Just)
  10. Caught [Edit] (from Kill)
  11. Twitch (from Lost)
  12. Freud (from Odd)
  13. Unbroken Mantra [Edit] (from Past)
  14. Gainesville City Limits (from Split)

Digital bonus tracks:

  1. Makes No Sense at All / Diane (from Influence)
  2. Good Morning, Mr. Vampire! [Live] (from Roads)
  3. On the Roads [Live] (from Where?)

Very – V in the A-Z Series – compiles a track from each volume released thus far. Fourteen track pink swirl vinyl LP, with three bonus tracks (including a Hüsker Dü cover) included with the download code.

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