Split with Brightr

, 2021, Aaahh!!! Real Records, KRUMM146

Split with Brightr

  1. Honestly, Honest
  2. Definitely
  3. Just So You Know
  4. They Can’t Catch Us if We’re Travelling at the Speed of Light
  5. Gainesville City Limits
  6. Housefires
    Tim Holehouse

  1. Brightr Days [EP Version]
  2. Coincidence That Sets a Smile
  3. Staring at My Shoes, as You Reach For the Sky (is This How Your Heartworks?)
  4. Mark Strong
  5. Gainesville City Limits [Live in Yeovil]
  6. Brightr Days [Ambient Version] digital bonus track

Split tape with my good buddy Brightr on half blue / half pink tape cassette and digital platforms.

The artwork features photos by Pre-Historic Jon, and was put together by Laurie (Brightr) and Ian (Aaahh!!!).

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