About Tim

0EBAB7CD-2D7C-4EA3-9391-7D038136EE79Tim Holehouse (Portsmouth , UK)

Tim Holehouse, globe travelling and record releasing Behemoth for 16 years on a solo adventure that’s seen 20 albums released all over the UK, Europe, US, Canada and even as far away as Hong Kong, Japan and Australia totally over 2600 shows already.

Tim has Also played festivals such as The Fest in Gainesville (where the song come from) Pouzza Festival in Canada, Muddy Roots Europe,  Rebellion Festival, Boom town, as we several festivals in Europe. 

Like musical Chameleon I change to adapt my musical environment… so whether your looking for some folk punk rock like the song Gainesville City Limits, Some Emo Grunge of Brightr days, something more blues based like the song Frank, something more Avant -Garde like my song Broken bones or even something more mellow like my song sleep, there is something in Tim Holehouse’s vast catalogue for you.


Folk Punk Rock- Gainesville City Limits

Emo- Grunge- Brightr Days

Raucous Blues -Frank

Avant- Garde Jazz- Broken Bones 

Mellow Amerciana - Sleep

Official Videos on a play list… 

In his own words…

I have toured the globe constantly for the last 16 years doing between 250-300 a year and I’ve toured almost every country in Europe, Iceland, Japan, Australia, USA and Canada (to name a few). I’ve  also put out 20 albums, many splits and EPs.

My inspiration coming from a variety of sources from Punk, Hardcore, Blues, Jazz, Country, Experimental music, Heavy Metal and even Electronic music (good music is good music right?). I’m not very keen to be boxed in as a song writer or certain style. Each album has a different take on myself and the music is very much written from the heart about subjects I either am interested in or personal experiences.

My philosophy in life is taken from one of my favourite films, Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure and that is…

“Be Excellent to each other!”