2021 review

Back on the Road 2021 tour documentary

2021 round up

So I’m going to try and keep it brief I have done a documentary about the year on my YouTube Channel 


So I did less livestreams like most I got a bit fed up with them and so stopped for a while after my last  one in Mid March (I did a couple later in the year after a break). In Mid May live shows returned tentative at first with my first full show being at my friend Mike’s Escape Bar in Shepherd’s Bush. After that a few weekend runs of shows into the summer. Did my first full tour for a long time in August. Also had the honour of playing Rebellion Festival for the 3rd time and Muddy Roots Europe for the first time. Got to tour with awesome tour mates AJ Simmonds, Harrison Rimmer (with Bonus Dave on Cajion) and James Bar Bowen.  Also got to tour overseas with a fantastic tour in the US and the first time touring as a duo with Keiran O’Malley in Italy. In total I managed 77 shows.  Thank you to all those who made this possible. 

I also released a rarities album called “?” 


As well as a split tape with my friend Brightr on Aaahh!!! Real Records and is the first of a bunch split tape series with me on the label. Thanks again Ian you are amazing! 


Also check our the amazing video my friends Dan and Jake made for the lead track “Brightr days” 


I did also record another album that will be out in due to time. Sadly halted due to the sad loss of my friend and ace producer John Hannon. 

Also lost former Tour mate Kaleb Stewart and former drummer Tom Mackay. I miss them all so much and can’t thank them all how helped me and my music over the years. 

I also continued with Patreon releasing 6 album demos, a Christmas album, tour documentaries and a whole bunch of exclusive patreon only material. Thanks again to my Patreons new and old for their support seriously means so much to me! 



Thanks to all you who have supported me and my music over the last year in whatever way. You are most excellent Human beings! 

Onto 2022 and I shall write more about that in 2022! 

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